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Our team has thrived through for four decades in numerous market conditions.
Here's our story.

Track Record

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About Us

We Help You Access Private Market Offerings

Expanding cities and suburbs are fast encroaching on prime agricultural land and water is becoming more scarce and highly regulated by government. We give investors the opportunity to capitalize on increasing consumer demand for food and water and the decreasing supply of prime agricultural land.

Being a long-term investor means acquiring underpriced assets. We create value by the development of properties with a low cost basis per acre. The farms are efficient and low cost to operate. We use the newest varieties and high tech irrigation and farming methods. This can reduce annual operating costs. Over the long term, this gives us a margin of safety when it comes to adverse conditions due to changes in price and yields.

Mark Crawford

Mark F. Crawford

Managing Member of LandIncome
Best Quality

Quality is More Than Making a Good Product

Not only does our team produce the highest quality permanent crops, we give clients security, peace of mind, detailed financial forecasting, and timely tax reporting.


You don't put all your eggs in one basket, neither do we. Farmland has low correlation to stocks, bonds, and other real estate.


As long as the sun rises, we are able to nurture and bring our crops to market. Annual harvests provide consistent cashflow to our investors.


The value of farmland and prices of commodities historically track inflation. Our farmland investments hedge against inflation.


Our reporting practices ensure that before participating in a deal, you have full financial projections. We also provide timely tax reporting.

Our History

Institutional Grade
Since Day One

The company, founded by Mark and Joanna Crawford, was established upon the principal of finding Real Estate opportunities that create value for our investors.

Our founder Mark began his career in real estate in the 1970’s. He traveled the country identifying land that could be entitled and transformed into apartment buildings and subdivisions.

In 2017, the farmland investment business line was initiated with the purchase of a 190 acre Almond orchard in California. Our many decades of expertise and experience have allowed us to develop an impressive track record and faithfully serve our clients.

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Our Process

From Soil to Market

Our process includes stringent property, crop, and manager selection. This ensures your investment yields the maximum benefits.

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We Execute Property and Manager Due Diligence

Our process includes numerous vetting measures to ensure best cost basis and minimize overhead.


We Plant, Nurture, and Harvest

Our permanent crops are cared for by industry veterans using high tech fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation systems.

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We Process and Bring Crops to Market

Our local expert managers implement best practices for bringing crops to market to maximize yields.

Our Team

Behind Every Great Product
Is A Great Team

We live and breathe farmland. Contact us today!

Mark Crawford

Mark Crawford

Joanna Crawford

Joanna Crawford

Jake Cutler

Jake Cutler

Farm Consultant

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